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snowcast - Hazelcast Client and the snowcast logo


In December I started a new project called snowcast. Arisen from the need in one of my own private projects I decided to open source this part of the work.

snowcast is an auto-configuration, distributed, scalable ID generator on top of Hazelcast. Since snowcast is not an official Hazelcast project, Hazelcast will not offer any kind of commercial support for it, it is one of my private spare time projects!

To begin with snowcast now has its offical logo. I'm not a graphic artist so don't expect too much from it ;-)


Hazelcast Client Support

In addition around Christmas I added Hazelcast Client Support to the snowcast core. Therefore it is now possible to use snowcast on Hazelcast clientside and still run with almost no network interaction. The behavior, as it is implemented, matches exactly a Hazelcast node.

Please find the quick documentation about how to use it on clientside in the README section at github.

What's next?

snowcast still misses handling of migration scenarios and gracefully recover from split brain situations. I'm not at the point to require that in my own project but eventually will come to that point. If anybody is eager to get this started feel free to contact me or send a pull request on github. I'm also looking for interesting, maybe missing features so feel free to open issues and feature requests too.

That said, I still like to consider snowcast to be experimental but I want to finish it in the next months and I would love to see people trying to use it, issuing bug reports or just give happy or unhappy feedback. This is the only way it can grow :-)