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When Thracia came ... bug reporting in Java gone easy

Today I will announce to move an old project which was a bit slow in development the last time. To make it matching the actual sourceprojects.org name schema the name changed from original jBugReporter to Thracia.

So what is Thracia?

Thracia is a library makes it easy to use clean bug reporting in production state Java systems. When an exception is thrown Thracia takes a snapshot of the actual state of the application by saving threads and their states, the complete stacktrace, the exceptions message and more information and writes them to a simple XML or other data structures. Every exception has it's own, recognizable hash so same exceptions does not get reported more than one time. On serverside there is a server that handles the reports automatically and a connector instance that makes it possible to the server to find and report issues to different bugtrackers.

So what can an example file look like:
2010070109401044722281283672518.xml (2.65KB / XML)