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Lightning is moving onwards to the ASF

Lightning, the highspeed and low latency serializer for the Java environment will move it's way onwards to the Apache Software Foundation.

Born from the discussion to add a serializer connector for Lightning to Apache DirectMemory, I was asked to contribute Lightning as the later on default serializer for DirectMemory.

Being honored I agreed to move on from Github onto the care of the ASF and so becoming a sub-project of Apache DirectMemory.

So what does that means:
That means that the Maven coordinates and the package names are changing but since there was no final released version and not a stable public API that shouldn't be a real problem for most of the people.

What will not change is the separate availability.

Lightning will be usable without the need to use DirectMemory but will miss some additional features without it like highspeed serialization to off-heap memory.

At the moment Lightning is waiting in incubation for being taken over by DirectMemory Top Level Project. In that phase there will be no new features but changes to comply the Apache sourceocde needs like being compliant with the Apache License 2 (which was mostly given with a small exception) and to fulfill requirements in the Maven project descriptors.

I hope that this state will be finished by time and development can go on.